More Documentation available for Common Navigator

As of 3.4RC4 the Platform Plugin Developer Guide how has an overview section on the Common Navigator (I was wondering who wrote these things, turns out we developers do). You can find it in the Programmer’s Guide section under
Common Navigator Framework

When I first started using the CN, I found the tutorials on Michael’s blog, but I had a hard time with them as they were too detailed. I wanted a higher level understanding of the concepts. I’m hoping that this new documentation provides that.

If you have corrections, or want extensions or amplifications, please file a bug (against Eclipse/Platform/UI) and I will take care of it.


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VP, Architecture at Talend, overall responsible for product architecture and governance. Also maintainer of the Jenkins EC2 plugin.
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6 Responses to More Documentation available for Common Navigator

  1. Chris Aniszczyk says:

    Awesome, good to see documentation on the CNF.

  2. Santhosh Kumar says:

    Can you please post the url of the article you are referring to?

    Eventhough I have been using Eclipse for past three years, I have just started on Eclipse RCP. So far, I love the framework but framework is very complex to understand in the beginning.

  3. Francis Upton says:

    Santhosh, the documentation is not yet on the web, however it is in the release. When the documentation becomes available on the web (after the official 3.4 release), I will post the link here.

  4. Bill Trautman says:

    3.4 is out, Is there now a Link to post?

  5. Francis Upton says:

    Link is posted.

  6. Andreas says:

    Hi Francis,
    off-topic, but why does the org.eclipse.ui.navigator.viewer extension point have viewerId point to a view id? Aren’t viewers and views separate things?

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