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Something to Watch Out for – Objects that don’t Match Content Extensions

With the M5 changes to the Common Navigator (are you sick about hearing about this yet?), the caching of the association between objects added by the content provider and the the navigator content extension has been temporarily removed.  The reason … Continue reading

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Test your Common Navigator Stuff on this Week’s I Builds!

There are changes to the way the Common Navigator selects content extensions for label providers that might be incompatible with existing implementations.  These are in bug 252293 and are available in any I build after I20090125-2000.  So far so good.  … Continue reading

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Community comments needed for Common Navigator label providers

Bug 252293 points out an issue that Common Navigator navigatorContent (extensions) (NCEs) are not properly invoked for the purpose of providing a label when the NCE overrides another. In the course of investigating this problem, I found a few issues … Continue reading

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