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I was just talking with my wife and told her that I only had a couple of more sets of warnings to go: her: “What are you talking about?” me: “In the Common Navigator.” her: “You don’t have warnings, that … Continue reading

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All done with Common Navigator DnD issues (for now)

I have no outstanding bugs or enhancement requests related to DnD. Thanks to Dani Megert for helping me with many of the issues. Now it’s onto issues of priority and categorization for actions and sorting.  And a few other things.

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Which bugs for CNF DnD?

Someone asked which bugs/enhancements I plan to address. I plan to address all of them (that are known to me — if I missed any, let me know).  The ones that are currently marked for M6 have a fix waiting … Continue reading

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Drag and Drop

In the next few days I intend to address as many of the CNF drag and drop defects as possible.  I have marked them all with “dnd” in the status whiteboard (search for Platform/UI/CommonNavigator).  The way I work is to … Continue reading

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