Which bugs for CNF DnD?

Someone asked which bugs/enhancements I plan to address.

I plan to address all of them (that are known to me — if I missed any, let me know).  The ones that are currently marked for M6 have a fix waiting review, I will get to the rest in the next day or two.

261865 maj P2 francisu@ieee.org rob.stryker@jboss.com ASSI 0 3.5 M6 dnd [CommonNavigator] Drag from Project Explorer to Package Explorer gets “assertion failed”
261060 maj P3 francisu@ieee.org jtcornett@yahoo.com ASSI 0 3.5 M6 dnd [CommonNavigator] Java EE perspective drag drop src folder onto its own project deletes src folder
258017 maj P3 francisu@ieee.org keshavrao.veerapaneni@sap.com NEW 1 3.5 M6 dnd [CommonNavigator] Project Explorer Drop Problem
242265 enh P3 francisu@ieee.org mike.bernat@softwareag-usa.com NEW 0 3.5 M6 dnd [CommonNavigator] [JFace] Common Navigator validateDrop needs DropTargetEvent
150688 enh P3 francisu@ieee.org mdelder@us.ibm.com ASSI 0 3.5 M6 dnd [CommonNavigator] Expose the ability for CommonDropAdapterAssistants to select feedback
224016 nor P3 francisu@ieee.org francisu@ieee.org NEW 0 dnd [DND][CommonNavigator] Drag to Project Explorer ignored after Drag from it
209537 nor P3 francisu@ieee.org makandre@ca.ibm.com NEW 0 dnd [CommonNavigator] Weird drag’n drop behavior
261606 enh P2 francisu@ieee.org rob.stryker@jboss.com NEW 0 dnd [CommonNavigator] Drag and Drop support lacks any adaptability
107119 enh P3 francisu@ieee.org jcorchis@ca.ibm.com NEW 0 dnd [CommonNavigator][DND] Add DND support for linking in the Project Explorer

About francisu

VP, Architecture at Talend, overall responsible for product architecture and governance. Also maintainer of the Jenkins EC2 plugin.
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