Compatibility is Restored

As of N20090304-2000 (and 3.5M6) the CNF incompatibilities with prior released have been fixed, and what’s even better is the mechanism is cleaner and simpler to explain.

bug 255793

bug 252293

I won’t elaborate right now for personal reasons (broken elbow), but the docs will be updated (thanks to help from  my lovely wife) and I will explain all in the docs and at EclipseCon.


About francisu

VP, Architecture at Talend, overall responsible for product architecture and governance. Also maintainer of the Jenkins EC2 plugin.
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One Response to Compatibility is Restored

  1. Franck says:

    Hi Francis, I was wondering if you had any update on this topic.
    I am definitely seeing fundamental incompatibilities between the ganymede and galileo versions of the CNF (my contributed content just doesn’t appear in galileo’s project explorer 😦 ).

    If you would be kind enough to have a look at this discussion I started on news.eclipse.platform [], I am willing to beautify and document the example I gave there and to contribute it as an advanced example of cascading extensions… that is once I can get it to work 🙂


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