Jenkins EC2 work

About a year ago, I have gotten involved pretty extensively in the Jenkins EC2 plugin where I’m now the maintainer. This was motivated by wanting to move my company’s (Oakland Software — now mostly part of Talend) build process to EC2 and finding out that it was simply not possible unless some significant work was done on the plugin. Seeing that the plugin was missing an active maintainer, I requested the responsibility (which was quickly granted as it the custom in Jenkins).

I have done 3 major releases in the last year with both contributions originated by me and from many members of the community adding significant features like:

  1. Support stopping instead of terminating instances
  2. Allow the use of EC2 spot instances
  3. Proper support for multiple clouds
  4. Greatly increase the accuracy and reliability of starting and stopping instances and adhering to limits
  5. Many bug fixes

I remain active with this project and working closely with several members of the Jenkins community to improve it. With these improvements the plugin has become more popular gaining nearly 200 new installations in the past year.

In addition to coordinating and helping with contributions, I would like to start a conversation about looking the new Google Compute Engine service, which is similar to EC2. We should be able to leverage what we have learned in the EC2 plugin and to the refactoring necessary to cleanly support the Google service in addition to Amazon’s. Ideas and contributions are welcome.


About francisu

VP, Architecture at Talend, overall responsible for product architecture and governance. Also maintainer of the Jenkins EC2 plugin.
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