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Shifting the Power – Ending Police Traffic Stop Oppression

I sit in my room at the Pact camp. This camp is a significant conference about people (mostly white as it turns out) who adopt people of color. One of the issues that is discussed quite a bit is the … Continue reading

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Moving to a Mac

With my new gig at Talend I have requested a MacBook Pro as a company computer, thinking that since I’m now an architect I will have to do more writing and (god forbid) slides. Of course I will continue to develop … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Java u21 problem

I see all of the platform UI bugs and caught my attention and I have made several comments on it. I thought I would share my observations and suggestions at this point, being a member of the Eclipse community. Observations: … Continue reading

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RCP, p2, Vista and VirtualStore

I have an RCP application that uses p2 and needs to run on all of our platforms (this uses 3.4.2).  Everything was great until Vista came along.  On Vista when going to the Software Updates… dialog it gets the “not … Continue reading

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Application “…” could not be found in the registry.

Just spent a couple of hours debugging one of these and thought I would write it up in hopes that it makes things better. My use case is that I’m calling my application from an API which means I’m dynamically … Continue reading

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How cool is this?

I was looking at this: /* * Non-Javadoc. Method declared on Viewer. */ public void refresh() { refresh(getRoot()); } I hit F3 when Viewer was selected and it took me there.  It appeared to do it because it matched the … Continue reading

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I was just talking with my wife and told her that I only had a couple of more sets of warnings to go: her: “What are you talking about?” me: “In the Common Navigator.” her: “You don’t have warnings, that … Continue reading

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